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Best Top Load Washing Machine in India 2021 (Fully Automatic) Reviews and buyer's Guide - IFB

Updated: May 16, 2022

IFB 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Best Top Loading Washing Machine in India 2021 (TL-REW AQUA, white, 3D Wash Technology, Triadic Pulsator, Tower Lint Filter, Smart Sense) - Check price at Amazon

If you believe that wearing clean garments can be a game-changer, then you need this IFB best washing machine in your home. This essential kitchen appliance features a powerful Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine, a 3D Wash System, and an Auto Imbalance Correction System for effective washing of your clothes in no time.

Features in general:

· Brand IFB

· Model Name TL-REW Aqua 6.5 kg

· Function Type Fully Automatic Top Load

· Capacity 6.5 kg

· Washing Method Pulsator

· Maximum spin speed 720 rpm

· In-built Heater No

· Color White

· Shade White

Main features in detail:

8 Wash Programs:

8 washing programs with Crescent Moon Drum

Special Features :

3D wash system, deep clean, lint tower filter, aqua energie, 3d wash, and triadic pulsator, crescent moon drum, auto Imbalance system, lint tower filter

In the box components:

Your best washing machine, inlet pipe, drain hose, user manual.

Smart Features

Deep Washing:

This is a powerful best washing machine featuring a Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine that gently washes your garments and removes stubborn stains with ease

Aqua Energie:

This feature energizes water to ensure that the detergent is effective in cleaning your clothes. It ensures that the detergent penetrates the fabrics deep inside and effectively dislodges the dirt.

3D Wash System:

This system offers a dynamic movement by circulating the water 360-degree inside the drum with help from nozzles to give you spotless garments. The system ensures that the detergent dissolves completely and penetrates your garment for effective washing. Also, while rinsing, freshwater goes inside the clothes to remove the detergent residuals. So, you get fresh and clean garments.

Express Wash:

This best washing machine comes with an LED lamp inside the drum that turns up at the beginning and end of a wash program. As a result, every piece of clothing item in your laundry, big or small, is visible to you.

Program Memory Backup:

This function ensures that the wash program resumes from the point it suddenly stopped due to a power cut. Thus, you do not have to repeat the whole wash cycle. As a result, it helps save water, electricity, and time.

Triadic Pulsator:

This Best IFB washing machine comes with Scrub Pads, Swirling Water Jets, and Center Power Punch to effectively wash your laundry. The Scrub Pads gently remove dirt particles by scrubbing, the Swirling Water Jets soak your clothes for improved detergent and better wash, and the Center Power Punch removes dirt particles.

Bleach Dispenser:

To dispense liquid bleach, this best washing machine comes with a special inlet.

Smart Sense:

This best washing machine comes with a pebble drum for safe washing of your delicate clothes, such as silk and wool. Also, the shape of the drum ensures that your clothes do not get entangled.

Crescent Moon Drum:

This drum creates a gentle water cushion to avoid damages to your clothes.

Aqua Conserve:

This feature saves water from the previous rinse cycle to use in the next wash cycle. It helps save water, and it is ideal for your regular-use household garments.

Lint Tower Filter:

It catches the fabric fibers that float inside the tub and prevents them from sticking to your washed clothes.

Auto Imbalance Correction System:

This system is for detecting unbalanced clothes inside the machine automatically. Then, it redistributes them to ensure that the machine is stable during wash cycles.

High/Low Voltage Protection:

This best washing machine comes with a smart microcontroller that continuously monitors voltage fluctuations. Also, it temporarily shuts the program when the voltage drops below 150 V ± 10 V or rises over 270 V ± 10 V. The wash cycle resumes once the voltage is safe.


  • Physical specification - 570 x 590 x 950 mm

  • Net Weight - 35 kg

Warranty Summary:

4 Years Complete Machine warranty, 10 Years Motor Warranty and 10 Years Spare Part Support from IFB

Covered in Warranty:

IFB warrants during 48 months of the date of purchase of new washing machine all the parts of the washing machine which is proved to be defective in workmanship or materials shall be repaired or replaced free of charge on intimation to the company/company's authorized service center nearest to the place where the appliance is installed warranty is subject to certain limitations of warranty completed warranty card should be presented to the authorized personnel at the time of service/maintenance serial no. on the product should not be defaced/altered.

Not covered in Warranty:

Rubber and Plastic Parts are not covered in the Warranty.

Pros of the Product:

Ø Safe washing

Ø Auto-restart Function

Ø Voltage protection

Cons of the Product:

Ø Suitable only for bachelors & couples

Ø No Inbuilt heater

Ø Belt Drive Motor (Minor CON)

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